Meg Braff’s Book Will Teach You To Live With Style and Joy

And it's full of colors and patterns!

Meg Braff - living room
Photography by Josh Gibson, Jeff McNamara, Annie Schlechter

Text by Emmy Carswell

Meg Braff The Decorated Home coverBorn and raised in Mississippi, interior designer Meg Braff is much like her style of decoration—filled with grace and charm. Known for her inventive use of bright colors and bold patterns, Meg has kissed the days of neutral and bland design goodbye. In her first book, The Decorated Home, Meg shares her advice on creating rooms that are livable yet attractive. With over 200 pages of eye-catching, cheerful rooms that will have you inspired to decorate your space all over again, this book covers the fundamentals needed to give your home added pigment and flair.

In the first few chapters, you will get to discover the two basics of Meg’s style—color and pattern—and how to use those two powerful tools together for a striking design impression. Meg holds the key to bright and happy style. She discusses the essential elements in creating inviting spaces with joyous color schemes, whether for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Meg Braff - orange living room
Photography by Josh Gibson, Jeff McNamara, Annie Schlechter

Meg devotes an entire chapter to the importance of details—taking a home’s décor from good to great. The little finishing touches elevate the room’s décor, and Meg incorporates tips and tricks—from good starting points for shopping to knowing what not to buy—in order to take your room to the next level.

Meg Braff - bright and colorful kitchen
Photography by Josh Gibson, Jeff McNamara, Annie Schlechter

Her fresh, simple style tips and design advice come together in an overarching theme of happiness in the home presented via unique rooms, rich color, and bold patterns that feel both charming and sophisticated. With each passing page of this book, you will be left with a sense of celebration to fill your home with.

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