23 Female Designers You Should Be Following

Photography by Aimeé Mazzenga, Design by Bria Hammel Interiors

Text by Hannah Jones

For this International Women’s Day, we want to shed light on some female designers who make the world a little more beautiful every day!

Ashley Gilbreath

Photography by Laurey Glenn

Southern style meets on-trend accents in Ashley Gilbreath’s projects. With a heavy emphasis on textures, her designs are captivating to all the senses. Find one of our favorite homes she designed here!

Marie Flanigan

Photography by Julie Soefer

Marie Flanigan has perfected the mix of elegant and cozy in her designs. Each project is warm and inviting, with an attention to detail that makes each room its own masterpiece. See more for yourself here!

Carmeon Hamilton

Photography by Carmeon Hamilton

Carmeon Hamilton’s style is nothing short of bold and beautiful. She’s not afraid to incorporate risky elements, like an all-black paint job or a bold graphic wallpaper, but every single one pays off thanks to her keen eye for design.

Kate Marker

Photography by Margaret Rajic

Heavy on texture with the occasional pop of a gorgeously moody hue, Kate Marker’s designs are a balance of classic design with updated pieces.

Rasheeda Gray

Photography via Gray Space Interior Design

Rasheeda Gray fears nothing when it comes to design. From a totally neutral space that’s heavy on textures to a bathroom with black trim and colorful wallpaper, she goes where no designer has gone before in so many of her projects.

Kate Dreyer

Photography by Kate Dryer

It’s obvious when looking at any of Kate Dreyer’s designs that she is a big fan of color, which means each project is totally unique and more fun than you can imagine.

Julie Couch

Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck

Traditional design styles mixed with clean, modern lines and hints of vintage elements are the keys to Julie Couch’s unmistakable homes. If you love a neutral palette with a burst of bold style, then Julie is your girl. Take a peek at this home tour to see for yourself!

Veronica Solomon

Photography via Casa Vilora

Love the use of pattern? Then get ready to obsess over Veronica Solomon. From neutral and muted to colorful and bold, Veronica’s designs include not only a variety of styles but also an emphasis on pattern and texture.

Jenna Sue

Photography by Jenna Sue Design

Vintage accents and touches of deep color find their balance against the clean, contemporary lines of Jenna Sue’s designs. Cozy linens and a natural grounding element like wood or leather are classic parts of her style.

Arianne Bellizaire

Photography via Arianne Bellizaire Interiors

When checking out Arianne Bellizaire’s designs, there’s one thing you don’t want to miss: the attention to detail. The beauty in her projects is often found in the smallest places, like a unique lighting fixture, a counter-to-ceiling marble backsplash, or one-of-a-kind cabinet hardware.

Bria Hammel

Photography by Aimeé Mazzenga

If you desire a fresh, updated look for your home this spring, search no further for inspiration than Bria Hammel’s designs. Pastel hues balance natural textures, and floral patterns complement classic style in each one of her projects.

Erika Ward

Photography via Erika Ward Interiors

Clean, contemporary, and luxurious are all essential elements of Erika Ward’s design philosophy. Elegant and cozy in every way, her homes will keep you coming back for more.

Anne Dutcher

Photography by Jim Bathie

The client is always in mind when Anne Dutcher is working on a project. From a wood-paneled masculine library to a bedroom with pops of purple floral pattern, her designs perfectly represent the homeowners and include a touch of sophistication that’s always found in her projects.

Carla Bethany

Photography by Carla Bethany

Can you say fun? Because that’s exactly what you get when you step into one of Carla Bethany’s designs! Unafraid of any color, print, or pattern, Carla lets her creativity run wild in every project she pursues.

Connie Vernich

Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck

Contemporary black accents meet Southern style in Connie Vernich’s designs. Her own Nashville cottage features floor-to-ceiling shiplap in the most sophisticated setting. See for yourself here!

Laura Hodges

Photography via Laura Hodges Studio

Modern and vintage mix seamlessly when it comes to Laura Hodges’ style. Embracing a home’s architecture and character, she designs a space to showcase the history and beauty of the structure that already exists.

Caitlin Wilson

Photography via Caitlin Wilson Design

If you love pastels and feminine accents, then we’re sure you’ve come across Caitlin Wilson’s iconic designs. Pops of pastel pink, blue, green, and even purple come through in every space she styles, along with hints of gold and lovely floral patterns.

Beth Diana Smith

Photography by Beth Diana Smith

From a gorgeous gallery wall to open shelving that’s styled to perfection, Beth Diana Smith knows her accents, along with beautiful design. Within her portfolio, you can find anything from a bold space with highlights of color and pattern throughout to a more muted room with a focus on textures.

Tammy Connor

Photography via Tammy Connor

Sophisticated yet livable, Tammy Connor’s designs feature a focus on practicality but in the prettiest way. Textured and patterned fabrics can be found throughout her spaces to not only add a stunning design element but also bring durability to well-loved spaces.

Ariene Bethea

Photography by Ariene Bethea

Vintage motifs and plenty of color are two things you’re sure to come across in all of Ariene Bethea’s designs. In fact, she owns a vintage furniture and décor shop!

Kristen Nix

Photography by Michael Hunter

It’s all in the details—this just might be Kristen Nix’s design philosophy. Whether it be as bold as a painted checkered floor or as small as the perfect piece of art in a little boy’s bedroom, each space she designs is curated specifically with the client in mind down to every furnishing and fixture. See more of her style in our Spring issue!

Annie Sloan

Photography by Christopher Drake

You’re probably familiar with Annie Sloan thanks to her eponymous paint brand, but don’t miss her gorgeous style, as well! Influenced by French aesthetics and antique elements, her designs are always inviting and lived-in but with a hint of elegance.

Justina Blakeney

Photography by Justina Blakeney

As the founder of Jungalow, you can be sure to find one common element in all of Justina Blakeney’s homes: tons and tons of plants. Balancing the breath of fresh green air these beauties provide with earthen textures like wood and terra cotta, her style is the most visually pleasing mix.

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