This 1920s Cottage on the Puget Sound Is What Dreams Are Made of

Photography by Kim Robinson

After living in a suburban new build for years, this couple took the plunge and purchased their dream home—a 1920s coastal cottage on the Puget Sound. 

Photography by Kim Robinson

Nestled on the coastline of Washington’s Puget Sound and featuring a garden reminiscent of Eden, Kim Robinson’s 100-year-old cottage is hard to miss. Take a step inside, and you’ll realize that it’s not just the house itself that’s a treasure. 

Photography by Kim Robinson

Kim has had a passion for vintage finds and antiques for decades now, but it wasn’t until 10 years ago that she and her husband decided their home should also proclaim their love for old things. Almost by chance, the couple happened upon the 1,600-square-foot cottage in a quaint community where houses are often passed down through family generations rather than sold. But there was plenty of work to be done. Over the years, the couple and their trusted contractor have renovated every square inch of the home, bringing new life with age-old character every step of the way. 

Text by Hannah Nance

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