Peek Inside An Interior Décor Shop and Design Center in Historic Maryland

The collaboration of two Maryland designers opened the door to a bold and beautiful new opportunity.

Dwelling & Design store
Photography by William Dickey

By Bethany Adams

Don Wooters and Fiona Newell Weeks became business partners after they realized that they shared a common dream: to open a shop that would foster the creation of beautiful and unique living spaces. The two had worked in interior design separately, with Don working his way up through retail furniture sales and Fiona having started her own design business 15 years earlier. It wasn’t until they met at a show house Don was running that their talents came together. “Everything seemed to fall into place, and within a couple of months, we were opening our doors,” Fiona says.

Dwelling & Design storefront
Photography by William Dickey

Now, the two run Dwelling & Design, an interior décor shop and design center in the historic downtown area of Easton, Maryland. Inside, customers can find a flawless fusion of style that comes together in a brilliant explosion of color. “Having a retail store allows us to display our styles more freely,” Fiona says. “People are drawn into our shop by the colorful and unique pieces we carry.”