6 Tips for Helping Your Houseplants Thrive

From ferns to flowering cacti, elevate your cottage’s style with a a brand-new houseplant. Not sure how to get started? We're here to help.

Ensure Proper Drainage

pot and potting soil
Photography by Erin Boyle, via gardenista.com

Make sure your plant is getting the drainage it needs to keep those roots healthy by choosing a pot with holes in the bottom and selecting the correct growing material. While most house plants do well with an all-purpose potting mix, some succulents prefer a soil/sand mixture, and orchid roots need lots of room to breathe.

Provide Plenty of Light

indoor garden
Image from gardeners.com

Low on natural light but have your eye on that jade plant? Consider investing in a grow light. Your plant will get what it needs, and you won’t have to worry about using up limited windowsill space.

Pick a Spot

boho kitchen and indoor plants
Image from jungalow.com

Changes in temperature, light, or humidity can stress your plants out, so find a good spot for them to thrive and let them get comfortable. Do be sure to rotate their pots regularly, though—they grow toward the sun and may become lopsided if left in the same position too long.