Pottery Inspired by the Coastline of Maine

From the mountains of Colorado to the coast of Maine, this artist sees the beauty in the world around her—no matter where she finds herself.

Barnacle cups
Photography by Elizabeth Campbell

Text by Bethany Adams

As a tribute to her grandmother, Brooke Hoerner Knippa originally named her company Alice Paul. “My grandmother lived to be over 100, and she was just so full of life and always really crafty and making things,” she says. The name caused some confusion, however, and Brooke found inspiration for a new one in her products. “When I set up a display for any craft shows or fairs that I do,” she says, “it’s kind of a cabinet of curiosities.”

Hand building barnacle cups
Photography by Elizabeth Campbell

Growing up in Colorado, Brooke Hoerner Knippa always had time to explore. She worked nights at her dad’s restaurant, explored during the day, and went home with her pockets full of found objects that would eventually make their way into her art. “I was just always really inspired, and I was always taking pictures of the colors and patterns that the moss and lichen created on the rock,” she says.

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