This Mountain Home is a Touch of Heaven on Earth

office space
Photography by Amy Lamb

Among Melissa’s favorite areas of the house is her workstation just off the kitchen and adjacent to a window seat that she says she has always wanted. “I have my view of the mountain and my little desk where I can kind of just organize my thoughts and be part of the family still,” she says.

kids bunk room
Photography by Amy Lamb

The cottage’s basement, which was designed as a den for the couple’s four eldest children—Isabella, Olivia, Gabrielle, and Jett—is easily the most well-loved space in the home. The bunk room, built by popular demand from the kids, includes four queen-size beds, each equipped with its own light and USB port. Jim also included an extra guest room to accommodate friends and give the kids room to grow. A common area stocked with board games and plush, cozy furnishings brings everyone together and features bold strokes of color amid the home’s neutral tones.