Blogger Q&A: All You Need to Know About Farmhouse Style from Bre Doucette

Rooms for Rent kitchen
Photography courtesy of Rooms for Rent
TCJ: So far, we’ve seen your kitchen ready for fall, and it is so warm and inviting! How are you going to approach autumn décor in the rest of your home?

BD: When I’m changing up my décor for the seasons, I tend to stick to the same color scheme throughout. This year for fall, I’m loving the deep forest greens like in olive branches and gourds. I’m also loving the darker wood tones versus my typical gray washed wood tones, and muted colors you would find in heirloom pumpkins. I like to let the colors of nature inspire the colors I decorate with—creamy whites, deep bluish-greens, and dark charcoal are some of my favorites for fall.

Rooms for Rent Master Bedroom
Photography courtesy of Rooms for Rent
TCJ: Your master bedroom takes a turn from the traditional muted tones in the rest of your home. Why did you decide to change things up here?

BD: As much as I love white, I also crave some dark walls, too! I love to paint—it actually feels therapeutic to me, so you can often find me with a paintbrush in my hands. With how easy it is to switch up a wall color, I decided to take a leap in the opposite direction and paint the walls in our room a dramatic blue that has green and gray undertones. The color is called Duke Gray and it’s from Magnolia, and it is a beautiful, rich color. I figured if I didn’t like it, I could always just paint it another color, but so far, I’m loving this deep hue.

Rooms for Rent bedroom
Photography courtesy of Rooms for Rent
TCJ: With these dark walls, what are some ways that you keep the space light and airy?

BD: With the walls dark, I decided to keep my bedding light. Our natural linen headboard really stands out now, and I love layering lots of white linen bedding on our bed. It reminds me of staying at a bed-and-breakfast along the coast, and I love that our room feel like a little getaway!

TCJ: Looking forward as a blogger and designer, where do you see yourself going?

BD: It’s funny that you ask that, because I currently find myself in a melting pot of new and fresh content and ideas. I’m working on my first book (due out next year!) and wanting to expand my brand to not only inspire women in their homes but with their creative dreams, too! I’m hopeful with all the potential the near future holds, and I love that blogging provides a flexible platform to share all the things I’m passionate about.