Blogger Q&A: All You Need to Know About Farmhouse Style from Bre Doucette

Rooms for Rent Master Bath
Photography courtesy Rooms for Rent
TCJ: Your home has a farmhouse style, with muted tones and lots of wood accents. Where did you draw inspiration from when designing these spaces?

BD: I’ve always been a fan of white and the softer muted tones. It’s no wonder I’m a sucker for any type of white shirt I see! I’ve also always loved the look of reclaimed wood or exposed beams. I’m drawn to creating spaces that are equal parts neutral and wooden accents that creates a balance throughout. Too much white and it begins to feel too shabby chic. Too much wood and it begins to feel too rustic. I like my spaces to feel warm and inviting, so having the perfect blend helps me achieve that throughout our home.

Rooms for Rent Master Bath
Photography courtesy of Rooms for Rent
TCJ: You’ve done some extensive DIY renovations on your home. What advice would you give to other DIYers after these experiences?

BD: Start small. This past year, we recently tackled our biggest renovation to date—our master bathroom. But I am so glad that was not our first project because we have learned so many valuable skills over the years in completing projects around the house—like to expect delays and spending a little more than you’ve budgeted, down to knowing the right tools can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to DIY renovations. I learned how to grout tile for the first time this year, and let me just say, I’d much rather have a paintbrush in my hands and leave the tile to my husband.

TCJ: Also on the note of renovations, what else do you have planned for this home?

BD: Ha, dare I say! My husband says my project list is never-ending. I always have a project waiting in the wings, and although we’ve accomplished so much in the past seven years we’ve been here, I’m ready to update some things that were not so high on the list when we first moved in. One of those is revamping our farmers porch and updating the exterior lights to look more farmhouse-y. And I still have some ceiling lights inside I’d love to swap out for something a little trendier.