Blogger Q&A: All You Need to Know About Farmhouse Style from Bre Doucette

Rooms for Rent living room
Photography courtesy of Rooms for Rent
TCJ: You’ve said that everyone can “love the space they live in.” What are some ways you’ve created a space that reflects you and your family while staying on budget?

BD: Shopping thrift stores and finding pieces that speak to you really help reflect your story. Decorating should be personal, just like picking out your favorite outfit. Over the years, I’ve learned to hold off and only buy the pieces that I love. That will definitely help out your budget when you aren’t filling up with things that you don’t love. It also helps you save up for the things that you really love when you come across them.

Rooms for Rent outdoor living
Photography courtesy Rooms for Rent
TCJ: The home you’re currently in is you and your husband’s first. What was your journey to finding this home like, and what initially drew you to it?

BD: Oh my gosh, it took us two years to find this home. We had a list of things that were must-haves, and we weren’t afraid of getting our hands dirty either. We started house hunting when we were pregnant with our first, and we looked at so many homes. It wasn’t until shortly after the birth of our second child that we found this one and closed on it in four weeks! As frustrating as the process can be, and having two potential offers on other homes fall through, we knew the right home was out there for us, and to just be patient because it would be worth the wait. When we found our current home, it was the perfect blend of the things my husband and I both desired in a home— farmhouse charm mixed with a classic New England style. The half walls with the columns separating the living and dining room were one of the selling factors, and I love our farmers porch!