Take a Sneak Peek at this Lowcountry Cottage from Southern Cottage 2018

South Carolina guest cottage kitchenette
Photography by William Dickey

In the kitchenette, the Lowcountry influence is seen in the material that tops the island. “It’s an oyster shell countertop that we had leathered, so it’s not polished and it’s not matte,” Sheena says. “It was a really great way to add some texture to that small kitchen, and [the Tylers] love it.”

“They also wanted it to feel like it wasn’t brand-new—that it had some history,” Sheena notes. To accomplish that, Sheena chose pieces featuring darker wood tones, distressed finishes, and the occasional touch of antique style. Natural materials like raffia and wicker soften the sleek lines of the planked walls and ceiling and accentuate the uniquely Southern views outside the windows.

South Carolina guest cottage - blue and white bedroom
Photography by William Dickey

Since Sheena knew the structure would serve as a guesthouse after the main home was finished, she made sure that the space was as inviting as possible. “They wanted it to be very welcoming for their guests and also be able to accommodate them and their two dogs while the main house was built,” Sheena says. To that end, the cottage is complete with everything needed for a comfortable stay, no matter the length of the visit.