Take a Sneak Peek at this Lowcountry Cottage from Southern Cottage 2018

South Carolina guest cottage white exterior

Text by Bethany Adams | Styling by Katie Wood

When the Tylers decided to make the move from Atlanta, Georgia, to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, they knew that the developing community of Palmetto Bluff would be the perfect place to settle in. Saturated with golden sunlight, calming breezes, and uniquely beautiful vistas, the property offered the ideal location to start construction on their new home.

In order to make the wait as comfortable as possible, the Tylers decided they needed a place to stay during the interim. “So, they called and said, ‘We’d like to do this really amazing house, but we’re going to start with a cottage,’” says Sheena Jenkins of SF Jenkins Interiors.

South Carolina guest cottage - blue and white living room
Photography by William Dickey

Sheena got to work designing a space that, in addition to drawing from the beauty of the property, would represent the Tylers’ personal style. “They were able to express what their vision was,” she says, which was a Lowcountry cottage that was “very casual but sophisticated.”

As a result, the interior is a stylish reflection of the home’s vibrant surroundings. From the walls to the furniture to the décor, much of the design is painted in Sally Tyler’s favorite color. “Blue—like the river,” Sheena explains. The coastal influence, while subtle, is evident in everything from the wall art to the kitchen island topped with crushed oyster shells, and it finds its balance in natural tones, stretches of clean white, and contemporary patterns.