This Guesthouse Is a Blend of Modern and Rustic Styles

Rustic workroom
Photography by Julie Soefer

The ground level workroom, which has alder cabinets, walnut counters, and concrete floors, was designed to be a hardy, masculine, and functional space for the husband, who likes to hunt and fish. “This space has key rustic elements and is designed to be messy and compatible with outdoor activities,” Marie says. The shiplap siding was built using reclaimed oak, and is an easy place to pound in nails and hang tools and equipment.

Modern guest house
Photography by Julie Soefer

“All the colors [throughout the house] are neutral and natural with bursts of contrast. I like to take an organic palette and alternate saturating dark with light,” Marie says of the color scheme. In this countrystyle guest cottage, it’s all about blending modern, organic, and rustic elements and layering texture and architectural details. “It’s a place that’s interesting, calming, and relaxing,” Marie says. “It’s a soothing place to get away.”