Get to Know Southern Artist Kevin Brodeur

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Photography by Jim Bathie

I’ve always been a painter,” Kevin Brodeur says, “ever since I was a kid.” Growing up in Massachusetts he was captivated by stenciling from the 1700s and the folk paintings found in the area. And he remembers the fun of painting sets for school plays, but as he grew up art took a back seat. He traveled the country and even lived in Prague for a while. In fact, it wasn’t until Kevin was 40 that he started painting and actually supporting himself through his talent.

Kevin Brodeur
Photography by Jim Bathie

During those years Kevin became known for his Southern landscapes and riverscapes, but recently he was inspired to paint another subject. “An elderly friend died, and she came to me in a dream and said, ‘You really need to paint my flowers,’” Kevin shares. The next morning he was walking through the cemetery and saw her flowers laid out at the grave sight. “I started painting that night and painted 33 pieces in less than four months.” Over half of the paintings were sold in the first hour of the show titled Vera’s Flowers in honor of his muse. He continued “going out on a limb,” he says, with a show titled On Natural Ground, again with flowers as his subject.