11 Renovated RVs To Make You Want to Get Up and Go

What destination is first on the list?

Text by Hannah Jones

There are few things in life as rewarding as travel. But seeing the rest of the world can be expensive and difficult to do. With the cost of airfare and accommodations, combined with being away from the comforts of home, it can end up being more trouble than it’s worth. Toss children and pets into the mix, and you’ve potentially got a recipe for disaster.

More and more families are finding ways around this, though! Enter: the RV. But forget the Griswolds’ run-down camper; travel enthusiasts have brought style and the feeling of home to RVs. Keep reading to see some of our favorite renovations and start planning your next cross-country adventure!

1Mid-Century Modern Home on Wheels

Image credit: Alexandra Steltzer

These newlyweds decided to rent out their home in Virginia and take their life on the road in an RV they purchased off Craigslist for just $3,000. Their renovation is thrifty and chic, with modern elements reigning supreme.

2Pop-Up Home

RV renovation
Image credit: Rice Camp blog

This couple loved the life on wheels so much that they decided to make a business out of it! They now renovate tent trailers to sell to other families wanting to travel. One of their most recent renos, this camper echoes the beauty of the outdoors, with sky blue paint and views from every angle.

3Full-Time Traveler

RV renovation
Image credit: @wilsongrandadventures

That job title has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? This family of four isn’t constrained by four walls in their camper! Wife Mandy Wilson shares her key to keeping calm in the chaos: lots of built-in storage and minimalist style.

4Black and White

Image credit: Mauka to Makai Adventures

Another couple who turned their passion into a profession, Jen and Joe Pavsek, along with their pup, Aiko, turned this 2001 travel trailer upside down to create the perfect home for another family. Farmhouse modern style keeps the space clean and cozy with black, white, and touches of wood.

5The Gathering Spot

RV renovation
Image credit: @writtenritmos

This RV truly brings the comforts of home on the road. The living area features a small kitchen table and a real sofa that’s big enough for the entire family.

6Pink Dream

Image credit: All Things with Purpose Blog

This family made the most of every square inch of their RV—a necessity when packing multiple people in such a small space! Chalkboard-painted cabinets, hung magazine racks for cook books, and mirrored storage are just a few of the witty renovations Sarah Lemp made.


Image credit: Proverbs 31 Girl Blog

We were in shock when we saw the transformation this trailer made for just $500! Every inch of it was either replaced, gutted, or painted.


RV renovation

This is one of the most romantic spaces we’ve ever seen, and—you guessed it—it’s a camper! Complete with a chandelier, beaded board walls, and dreamy bedding, this RV is glamping at its best.

9Indoor Garden

Image credit: @adventureintow

The joys of owning an RV include not leaving all your favorite amenities of home at your house. That should include your garden! This couple took a piece of their garden with them, decking their trailer with plenty of indoor plants.

10Just Like Home

Image credit: Detach and Roam Blog

If it weren’t for the telltale windows, we wouldn’t even know this was a camper! The bar area, open shelving, and stand-alone table and couch make the space feel like a traditional home—just smaller, of course.

11Boho Chic

Image credit: Zevy Joy blog

This pop-up camper has seen a few renovations throughout the years, but we think it’s gorgeous now! The gold accents add a touch of glam to this bohemian-inspired space.