These 10 New Orleans Cottages Will Get You Ready for Mardi Gras

Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

Text by Hannah Jones

Mardi Gras is right around the corner, and whether you celebrate or not, we could all use a little Crescent City flair from time to time. Find inspiration in the New Orleanians’ French style and and embrace their joie de vivre today! Below, we’ve collected a few homes to bring bright and bold personality to your day—like only the Creole can.

Overflowing Jardin

New Orleans
Photography by @maria_dorofeikova on Instagram

This home has no shortage of character and Southern style with a haint blue roof and bountiful blooms.

New Orleans Style

Mardi Gras
Photography by Jim Bathie

Just like the city it resides in, this home features a unique and eclectic interior that’s totally fitting. You can see the inside here.

Porch of Our Dreams

Crescent City
Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

Can you imagine watching parades pass by on this porch? As a matter of fact, it’s a favorite spot of the homeowners. See the full home tour here.

Ready to Party

Photography by @laurensuttonrealtor on Instagram

With ribbons and baubles, this stately home is ready for the holiday.

Pretty in Pink

Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

You might not believe it, but the inside of this house is even pinker than the outside! Click here to see for yourself.

History in a Home

Photography by @iluvnola2 on Instagram

Built in 1857, the Alfred Grima House is different than the typical shotgun-style cottages you’ll see lining New Orleans’s streets, but it’s just as charming.

International Influences

Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

This sweet cottage appears to be your typical New Orleans home from the outside, but one step inside and you’ll see the homeowner’s love for travel.

Crowning Details

Photography by @nola_val on Instagram

On any other day, this shotgun-style home might fit in another city. But come Mardi Gras, it’s decked to the nines, making it a true Crescent City cottage.

Total Renovation

Photography by Mac Jamieson

After this home sat vacant for 13 years, one couple saw its potential and gave the cottage a whole new look while still preserving its gorgeous history. Tour the interior here.

Southern Charm

Photography by @thatcitycharm on Instagram

Is there anything sweeter than a charming white cottage with blooming bushes in the South? We think not.

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