10 Cottage-Style Coops That Will Have You Ready to Start Your Own Henhouse

Photography by @thelakehousehens on Instagram

Text by Hannah Jones

With the surge in popularity of homesteading in past years and, more recently, with folks spending more time at home thanks to quarantining, raising chickens has become a popular hobby for many people. And with little chicks comes the inevitable coop. In true cottage style, these henhouses aren’t just for utility—they’re both practical and pretty. Whether tin-roofed with distressed shiplap and true vintage appeal or clean-lined and industrial for a more modern farmhouse approach, these tiny pens have taken on a life of their own, and we’re here for it!

Ready to raise your own little chicks? There are a few things to keep in mind before you start building a coop. Check to make sure your municipality allows raising farm animals within your town limits. It’s also important to be aware of their natural predators in your area. Foxes, coyotes, bears, and even dogs will all attack chickens, so only let your chicks out when you can keep an eye on them at all times.

Here are a few of our favorite henhouses to inspire you to start your own!

Downhen Abbey

Photography by @thevintagebucket on Instagram

Small but mighty, this little henhouse embraces gorgeous vintage style, complete with chipped paint, galvanized tin roofing, and the perfect perch for watching your little birds roam.

Cottage-Style Coop

Photography by @3acrehomestead on Instagram

These little hens are living in style with a shingled roof, window boxes, and a beautiful yard space to play in!

Henhouse Oasis

Photography by @k80_the_chicken_180 on Instagram

Sectioned off with a beautiful stone wall, this little coop has its own garden, a feature we’re sure the chicks appreciate.

Farmhouse Style

Photography by @whitehomeonthehill on Instagram

This traditional coop takes a farmhouse approach with the sweetest little details—a distressed sign and a basket of blooms to welcome friends.

Cluckingham Palace

Photography by @alison_m_g_ on Instagram

This henhouse is fit for a (few) queen(s)! Robin’s-egg blue with a stone stairway leading to the door, this palace might be tiny, but it’s overflowing with style.

Double Duty

Photography by @kirklandmeadowsfarm on Instagram

Why not harvest some fruits and vegetables while tending to your chicks? Growing your garden right outside the coop saves time and makes for a stunning entryway leading to your little henhouse.

Feeling Blue—in the Best Way

Photography by @thelakehousehens on Instagram

These hens are feeling anything but blue in this aqua-colored coop! Nestled right in the middle of the garden, they’ve got the best view.

Gussied Up Garden

Photography by @dolledupandmuddy on Instagram

What better way to make your hens happy than to surround them with gorgeous flora?

Chicken Estate

Photography by @wildfeatherfarm on Instagram

These chicks are living the high life in their hen house. With their very own fence, double doors, shuttered windows, and adorable wreaths, these girls’ lives are beautiful!

Open-Air Coop

Photography by @thelovelycottage on Instagram

Chickens love to roam, but as we said before, it’s unsafe to let them out when you’re not around. The next best thing? Build a wired coop for them!

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