Worth Collecting: Watering Cans

watering can

You start with just one, but before you know it you have a collection. 

First called watering pots, this garden tool has changed in design only slightly over the years, with a single handle moved toward the back of the can. This “modern” version was designed in 1885. Today you can find metal, ceramic, and even plastic watering cans in all sizes.

Our collector started with one simple watering can. And as her garden grew, so did the need to nourish it. She began to search for different cans to keep throughout the blossoming spaces, and little by little, her collection began to sprout.

On a trip to England, home of the watering can, she scoured antiques shops until she found a black metal can with a long spout. She carried it home wrapped in a plastic bag while fellow airline passengers looked on quizzically. Now her collection blooms in her garden right alongside her flowering plants.


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