Sea Inspired Tablescape


Photography by Marcy Simpson / Styling by Yukie Mclean

The orange of the setting sun and the tranquil blue of the sea come together in this inviting tablescape.

Whether vacationing by the seashore or staying close to home, plan a summer escape with this serene beach-themed table setting. It’s perfect for serving an exquisite seafood menu with Italian flavors. Translucent glasses add soft color, and twinkling candles in varying sizes keep the table fun and casual. Continue the seashell motif by crafting your own napkin rings. Small shells from past beach walks glued onto inexpensive rounds add a playful touch to each setting.


Air plants absorb nutrients from the air through their long leaves rather than roots in the soil. Place these unique, low-maintenance plants in seashells, driftwood, empty vases, or even hang them from fishing line for fun, fresh décor.
Make your own casual centerpiece for your tablescape, perfect for a laid-back summertime dinner. Place a mixture of plants and moss into a hollow piece of driftwood. Add some shells you’ve filled with air plants to bring land and sea together.