Parisian Cottage


Photography by Scot Zimmerman

Treasures from their travels fill the cottage of this couple who wanted to bring home the flavor of their apartment in Paris.

Parisian blue accents against weathered whitewashed wood, splashes of color from blooming plants, shelves of miniatures suggesting they were discovered at the marché aux puces, and the black and white bistro-tiled floor in the kitchen all suggest that the homeowners have a foot on the other side of the Atlantic. They do, in Paris.

In contrast to their urban apartment there, the grounds of their Utah cottage are surrounded with spacious gardens, greenery, outdoor sculpture, and the reflected blue of the swimming pool.



The furnishings tell the story of their travels: comfort living in small cozy spaces, a love of art and artful objects, and mastery of the art of storage—key to successful cottage living—through the use of interesting cabinets, shelving, and baskets. Entering the cottage has the magical feel of suddenly fitting into a charming dollhouse from another time and place. But there is liveliness all directions. The aroma of expert cooking fills the home as does the scent of lavender and herbs growing in pots, and the music of the couple’s favorite easy French jazz is always in the background.


The cottage windows and doors push out to the garden, blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside. The rugged peaks of Utah’s famous mountains are not far in the distance. The cottage, almost a hundred years old, is built in the story-and-a-half style, with the upstairs rooms featuring sloped angled ceilings that create interesting nooks. The ample windows and tiny balconies create the feeling of hiding in the treetops with the birds.

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