Marrying different styles

marriage of style

Photography by Stephanie Welbourne

A beautiful blend of what’s his and what’s hers makes a welcoming home for friends and family to gather.

When Susan and Tom Lynch married in 2011, the couple combined more than their lives—they also merged their styles. Each boasting an eye for design—Susan’s more “cottagey,” Tom’s more modern—the couple created a home that’s both classic and comfortable.

“He had a lot, and I had a lot,” Susan recalls of her and Tom’s favorite pieces, “but we put it all together and figured out how to make it work.” Sometimes that meant getting creative. For example, Susan’s old kitchen table was repurposed as a focal-point desk in the couple’s study. And other times that meant compromise, like “learning to love” each other’s art. marriage of style5 marriage of style2

For everything else, neutral colors were key. From linens and paint to rugs and accessories, a fresh blue-gray palette proved to be quite flexible. “We chose lots of neutral items knowing that we could move them around, if desired,” Susan says. “We saved pops of color for things we could change out really easily.”marriage of style3

Susan also prioritized fresh greenery, a decorating must-have that matches every color scheme. “White, cream, and green go in every home,” she notes, adding that planting ahead of the season offers new varieties to look forward to all year. marriage of style4marriage of style6

Consider clustering potted plants on a buffet or side table for fuller effect, and don’t be afraid to think outside the flower box—cabbage and apples can bring in long-lasting natural beauty, Susan says. “Even in the cold of winter, you can make it feel alive inside,” she added.

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