Gena Knox’s Recipe for Design

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Knox house

Text by Anne-Harris Jones / Photography by John O’Hagan

Cookbook author, business owner, and mother Gena Knox has a lot on her plate. Her well-designed home helps keep her busy life in order and stress free. 

Gena Knox loves her family, her Southern roots, and her career—all of which are evident in her cookbook, Southern My Way, and the way she decorates her home. Her cookbook focuses on fresh local ingredients and simple, delicious recipes that highlight those flavors. She prides herself on presenting traditional Southern cuisine with a modern twist. Her home décor follows that same logic in its blend of vintage furnishings with a contemporary perspective. “We have wonderful, traditional pieces that were my husband’s grandmother’s. It’s been fun to mix them with more modern pieces,” she says.

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Her love and appreciation for simplicity influences both the construction of her cookbook and the style of her home. “I love clean lines and very little clutter and accessories. I try to follow that same idea with my cookbooks. Clean, simple recipes and format without a lot of extra, unnecessary information,” she explains. While creating new recipes and perfecting old ones, Gena can really appreciate the open design of her home. The floor plan allows her to work diligently in the kitchen while keeping an eye on her son and daughter who often play in the adjacent sitting room.

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As for her children’s bedrooms, Gena designed two contrasting looks that showcase her style. She chose a black and pale blue color palette for her son’s room, while her daughter’s was adorned in a lavender and white theme. Both rooms impart a sense of serenity and playfulness with accessories including oversized stuffed animals and patterned cornice board and box pleat window treatments.

Knox house2

Gena’s choices come together to create an inviting and comfortable haven for her family while providing her with a relaxing space to dream up delicious new meals. Visit to purchase Southern My Way or shop Fire & Flavor products. Knox house4

Style Idea: Gena and her husband converted the space above their garage into a playroom for their two children. They added storage closets and reading nooks, which double as cozy beds for spend-the-night parties. White pine painted a muted gray and barn-style doors provide a harmonious backdrop for this creative use of space.