Fishing Lodge Charm


Text by Alice Doyle / Photography by John O’Hagan

Set on verdant Whidbey Island in Washington state, this home gives a nod to its history while showcasing some of the best elements of modern cottage design. 

When planning their vacation home, Joanne and Bruce Montgomery knew exactly where to look for inspiration. Their property on Whidbey Island was once home to a summer inn used by fishermen from 1905 to 1947 when Holmes Harbor was a famous fishing spot.


“We wanted the interior to have the look and feel of a classic fishing lodge with a great room like a lobby and the fit and finish to be evocative of the original structure,” Bruce says. The Montgomerys presented architect Ross Chapin with old photos of the inn and shared its history (the original structure was torn down after a fire). Framed zoological prints of fish adorn walls, and a 53-pound Chinook salmon floats over the mantel honoring the home’s past just as the Montgomerys chose to do from the start.