A Cultured Cottage in the South


A world-traveling couple with an eye for antiques marries history and style in their abode.

Text by Lauren Eberle / Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

A visit to this cottage is like flipping through the pages of a scrapbook. Room after perfectly appointed room showcases a collage of keepsakes that tells the story of a family’s history and travels.


Although they chose to settle in a cottage in the South, the family pays homage to Honduran roots by punctuating their home with authentic heirlooms like linens and furniture. “Seeing these family treasures allows us to reflect on our life together,” the homeowners explain. “More than for aesthetics, we love antiques for the warm feelings that they convey.”


In this household, worn and aged accents are preferred over shiny and new ones. Rather than the typical mementos from adventures abroad, the pair selects broaches, stained glass, books, artwork, and other such conversation pieces.


The most important part of design, they believe, is expressing individual personality, even if it strays from what’s currently considered stylish. “If we see something we love on one of our travels, it doesn’t have to make sense—we’ll find a way to weave it into our décor. Likewise, if you find a particular piece pleasing, don’t be shy. Make it a part of your story.”