Charming Cottage Fences


Once considered the epitome of peaceful living, white picket fences are making a comeback and imparting style and allure to cottages of all sizes.

White picket fences call to mind lazy summer days, a yard full of pets and children, and the ideals of family and home. Before it was associated with the American Dream, the picket fence simply served a purpose—to mark property lines while still allowing for a beautiful view. Popular since colonial days, white cottage fences now offer so much more than security to our yards, both in the front and back. No matter the size of your lawn, garden, or home, white picket fences exude charm and cottage style.fences4fences1

The simple whitewash of the fence provides a wonderful backdrop for flowers and greenery. Monkey grass, towering floral bushes, and climbing ivy coexist beautifully with picket fences of all types. Flower beds or hedges along the fence line will turn a plain wooden barrier into an inviting and hospitable environment. Entry gates opening onto a brick sidewalk or cobbled pathway complete the serene, picturesque scene.