Caribbean Cottages

Boca Cottage5

Photography by Scot Zimmerman

A cottage by a pond for painting and a tinier one built over the water for guests

A place like nowhere else—the idea of a unique, handcrafted home in a location like no other in the world sounds like something we can only dream about. But who would dream of finding two such homes side by side?

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Not many secret getaways remain on the east coast of the Sunshine State, but two cottages sit in the same hidden lush green pocket of Delray Beach, probably vestiges of the 1920 Florida land boom. Palms canopy the larger of the two Cant homes and the artistically inspiring studio of Tiffany Cant, one of Florida’s most well-known painters.

Alongside the stone patio is a pond with a waterfall, statuary, abundant water plants, vibrantly hued fish, and a turtle. Inside her studio, Tiffany paints themes from Florida and the Caribbean Islands with the saturated colors of the tropics. The home has an informal, inviting atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining, comfortable upholstered furniture, and walls filled with her art.

Boca Cottage7

The guest cottage appears so idyllic that guests might linger well beyond the invitation. A loop constructed in the Intercoastal Waterway creates a small lagoon, and the cottage is partially built over the water, straddling it like the famous stilted guest cottages of Tahiti. Sea life constantly swims in and out of the lagoon, as guests relax on the adjacent spacious deck. 

Boca Cottage2

Inside, living, dining, and kitchen share the same bright, sunlit space, and an area rug sits invitingly in front of the fireplace. It is so perfect, it is hard to think of ever leaving—unless to go next door.

Boca Cottage4