Cabin Comforts

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Text by  Lauren Eberle / Photography by Amy Jones

An Arkansas couple delights in a rustic yet chic getaway filled with family-friendly function.

The priority that topped the list for Georg Andersen and his wife, Annabelle, when they began their search for a perfect mountain getaway: room for seating and sleeping for their beloved family—including nine growing grandchildren. Marrying comfort for a crowd with the quaintness of a cottage, this cozy cabin packs plenty of space for doing just that.cabin comforts2cabin comfortscabin comforts11cabin comforts9cabin comforts10

An internationally lauded designer, Georg says he enjoyed having his wife as the client for this endeavor. The couple worked with Arkansas furniture makers to craft such gems as the rustic beds, ornate antler side table, and well-used porch furniture. “We made it a priority to work with local artisans whenever possible,” explains Georg, “and we were tickled with what they were able to produce.”

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The cabin’s beautiful Arkansas yellow-pine logs were milled on site. “The dramatic wood and chinking were a big piece of the look of this place,” says Georg, who took this natural palette as a warm canvas for adding his signature style. “I use a tremendous amount of color in my work, but I showed some restraint when it came to the cabin.” Tasteful pops of red, green, and blue appear throughout, from the front porch rocking chairs and high-gloss dining table to the cozy bed linens and rich, patterned rugs.

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Nostalgia plays a part as well. Framed family pictures grace the great-room’s tall walls while heirlooms, including an iron bed from Annabelle’s childhood, add sweet sentiments, ensuring this family-oriented haven is sure to be treasured by generations to come.cabin comforts8