Cottage with Coastal Views


Text by Robert C. Martin / Photography by John O’Hagan

See how Old World elegance seamlessly merges with all the current comforts in this well-appointed beach house. 

When nestled in such a picturesque community as Seaside, Florida, a home should capitalize on its gorgeous surroundings as much as possible. That’s exactly what this enchanting beach house does! Appropriately named Ventanas, the Spanish word for windows, it lives up to the title by containing a bevy of fixed and operable casements, as well as rows of French doors with large transoms above.

Because architect Scott Merrill located the main living spaces on the upper floor (a historic-inspired design feature known as piano nobile, “noble floor” or “noble level” in Italian), these rooms command finer views of the community and nearby gulf. A spacious, inviting porch provides even more reason for the homeowners to spend most of their time here. They’re able to keep windows and doors open, too, since their privacy is better maintained above street level. ventanas6ventanas3

For more secluded spaces such as the bedrooms, Bermuda shutters installed on the windows’ exterior provide both solitude and shade. Such screening devises are inevitable, particularly for a beach house that offers as many glimpses of the water as Ventanas. ventanas5ventanas4