Brimfield Antique Market

Discover one of the great sources for antiques and unique home furnishings and accessories—the Brimfield Antique Market.

Blum Garden1

Garden Lessons with Dr. Michael Blum

For Dr. Michael Blum, gardening gives back threefold: It provides healthy, nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables; it’s good exercise; and it’s a great way to relieve stress. Above all, gardening is good for the soul.

Chattanooga garden

Blooms with a View

Tucked into the side of Lookout Mountain, Sue Chamberlain’s garden blooms from spring through fall with a lush profusion of flowering shrubs, old-fashioned perennials, and stacked containers of annuals.

Green Harbor Cottage1

Green Harbor Cottage

With a breezeway framing the magnificent vista of the ocean and multiple seating areas designed for ultimate relaxation, this seaside retreat is all about the view.