A Potting Shed of Memories

This unique potting shed is more than a place to start seeds and store garden equipment. It’s a repository of meaning and memories.


Fairyland Cottages

Inspired by rock formations in the area that were reminiscent of fairy and elf grottos of mythical times, 10 storybook cottages in Georgia have since come to be known as Mother Goose Village.


Updating Your Porch

Spring’s glorious weather beckons us to our favorite outdoor living spaces. Refresh your porch or patio with materials that will last for years.

Garden Porch Styling 5

Garden Porch Styling

Let your cottage be a canvas for celebrating the rebirth of spring. Transform a garden shed into a charming oasis with dainty touches like flowers and linens.

Cottage Charm

Cottage Charm

An elegant home doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort. In fact, a mix of rattan and cozy chairs and a few sentimental accents can create a space that’s filled with cottage charm.